Our Mission

Virtual Planet Africa connects young people across Africa, creates opportunities for innovation and provides a platform for sharing knowledge and free expression.

Our Vision

We envision an Africa with empowered youth who actively participate in political, environmental, social and economic development across the continent.

Our History

Since 2017 we have been involved in various forums and have contributed to the discourse about Africa’s future. We are committed to making a difference in the world we live in.

Our Goals

~To improve youth participation in all walks of life, including political discourse, environmental, social and economic development in Africa.

~To motivate youths to participate in local, national and regional policy making processes in the continent.

~To encourage and prepare future professionals and entrepreneurs to implement development projects in their respective communities

Our Values

~Inclusion and diversity- we create a conducive safe space for everyone to express themselves and value diversity of ideas, culture and beliefs.

~Innovation- with the understanding that sustainable and inclusive development requires innovation, we value and promote innovative ideas, projects and ventures.

~Dynamism- we encourage the youths we engage with to adopt and adapt to changing situations, with the knowledge that the pervasive globalisation of life makes it imperative for youths to be constantly adapting to change.

~Integrity- we honour the best in others and in ourselves, subscribing to the spirit of ubuntu (African humanness) that calls for respect of all human life and values.

~Inspiration- we strive to inspire generations so that they can effect positive change in their own communities.

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