In this section you can find a number of publications some of our members have been involved in. We try to include only material that we have rights to publish, open access publications or those publications that we would have asked for and granted permission. The resources range from purely academic publications to opinion pieces and other types of articles that would have been published elsewhere. This repository therefore helps to give the youths everywhere access to a pool of useful publications that can help steer and inform policy on the African continent and in specific contexts.

In this research Tendai sets out to study how solar energy potential can be maximised in urban settings using novel quantification and planning methods. Although he uses a case study in America, the study is a step towards the understanding and globalisation of new ideas on solar energy and sustainability, replicable and capable of being developed further on the African continent where there is ample solar energy ready for harvesting.

As the novel coronavirus altered the way people live on a global scale, vulnerable groups were the most affected. In this publication by New Thinking Development youths from Zimbabwe come together to talk about the challenges, opportunities and changes presented by the covid-19 pandemic, particularly for the youths. The different opinion pieces deal with a variety of topics and in their submissions the different writers try to come up with solutions and recommendations for policy and practice.

Edson Chiwenga, who is one of the Virtual Planet Africa team members, sets out to assess the livelihood strategies applied by young people in a small mining town in Zimbabwe, focusing on artisanal gold mining. He goes on to show how artisanal mining structures are gender insensitive and how they can be transformed. He argues that the agency shown by women and young men in artisanal gold mining should be the mine of knowledge for those who formulate and implement policy and legal frameworks surrounding artisanal mining and the informal economic sector in general. The paper was published by Women and Law in Southern Africa in 2019 under the theme Putting Women at the Centre of Extractivism: A Compendium on Gender and Extractives.

This publication is part of the Virtual Planet Africa project on youth political participation in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. It simply lays down the facts on how youths are struggling to participate in the three countries.

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